Workshops Organized by SQS Statistical Consulting

SQSSC is very active in organizing the workshop to provide a brief intensive educational program for academicians, practitioners and students that focuses especially on techniques and skills in quantitative and research field.

Meta Analysis for Social Sciences Research

Meta-analysis is a class of statistical methods for combining the results from a series of studies addressing the same research question.

2 Days Workshop on Advanced SAS Enterprise Guide

This workshop is a continuation from Basic SAS Enterprise Guide.

1 Day Microsoft Excel Exposure Workshop

This workshop was held for SQS’s undergraduate students. It aims to give exposure about new task that can be done using Microsoft Excel.Enterprise Guide.

Kursus Penulisan & Penerbitan Artikel Journal Berindeks Scopus

Kursus ini dianjurkan bersama Kaizentrenovation Sdn Bhd. Ia terbuka kepada semua penulis artikel akademik tidak kira dari bidang sosial, sains, sastera, kejuruteraan atau lain-lain, yang berhasrat untuk menerbitkan artikel dengan Springer, Emerald, Taylor & Francis, ataupun Inderscience.

Ranking of Criteria and Making Decision using Analytic Hierarchy Process

This workshop is intended for those who wants to learn how to define problems, identify criteria and rank criteria. The criteria will be used to guide them in decision making by applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).